BMW 525i
The BMW 525i is belonged to 5 series which was manufactured throughout the E34 in 1972 was offered as wagon in USA. It is the mostly successful model in the BMW’s history. In 1990, engine was changed from single overhead cam to double overhead cam M50B25 engine which raise the power from 170 to 192 horsepower. In the year 1995, another version of BMW 525i came in the market. Torque curve changes from 3,000rpm to 6,300 rpm.

The BMW M3 is the successful and good performance version of BMW 3 series. It was developed by the BMW tuning branch. The BMW m3 was sold with many different body styles like coupe and sedan. The BMW M3 was provided with the most powerful engines. Various other changes were also made in this car. All these changes were the major reason for the success of this model.

2007 bmw 3 series
The BMW 3 series cars were developed in the year 1975 in Germany. The cars of this series were compact size. The cars of this series were the best selling cars and on an approximation about 40 % of the cars that were sold are from this series. This series undergone with five generations. Each of the five generation has different features as well as different body styles.

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