The BMW M3 is the successful and good performance version of BMW 3 series. It was developed by the BMW tuning branch. The BMW m3 was sold with many different body styles like coupe and sedan. The BMW M3 was provided with the most powerful engines. Various other changes were also made in this car. All these changes were the major reason for the success of this model.

E30, E36, E46 and E90/E92/E93 3-series were the series from which BMW M3 model was derived. In the year 1986, the BMW E30 series releases the first model of BMW m3.The engine was very simple. It came up with two different body styles. The first body style was 2 door coupes and the other was 2 doors convertible. The tiers were wider and taller to make the external look good. This model was provided with rubber control arm brushings.Alluminium control arms were use in this model.

Special rotors and calipers were also provided in the front and rear side of the car to add more features. This model was very much famous in the countries like Germany, Italy, Australia and various other countries. The car was majorly used for racing purposes in these countries. This model remains in the market till 1992.In the year 1992, BMW releases it’s another model which was BMW E36 M3.It came in the market in the November 1994.It was provided with a six cylinder engine and this was the major change in the M3 model. The engine capacity was also increases up to 2900cc.It came with the three different body styles and those were 4 door sedan, 2 door coupes and 2 door convertible. This model remains in the market till 1999.

In the year 2001, The BMW releases its another model of M3 and was derive from E46 series. This model was provided with more features. The power of the engine was also increased the cars of this model were very famous in the Europe and U.K.This model remain in the market till 2006.

The BMW 2005 BMW M3 was the first model of M3 which was mainly design to meet the requirements of car racing in Europe and Asia. The high performance of this car was the major reason for its success in the market. Different unique colors were provided in this car and the most famous color was Blue metallic color. This car was also very much famous in the UK for racing purposes. The user review of this car was excellent at that time. The overall rating for this car was 9.0 out of 10.The style of this car attracts user towards it and forces them to buy that car.

The appearance, acceleration and various other factors are made according to the customer requirement. All these factors were the major reason for the high performance of this car. The company offers various other facilities also when they buy this car. The financial support is also given by the company and the duration of paying the investment is also increase. All these factors were the major reason for the success of this car and is expected to do the same in the future also.
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