2007 bmw 3 series

The BMW 3 series cars were developed in the year 1975 in Germany. The cars of this series were compact size. The cars of this series were the best selling cars and on an approximation about 40 % of the cars that were sold are from this series. This series undergone with five generations. Each of the five generation has different features as well as different body styles.

The BMW releases the first generation of this car in the year 1975 and was named as BMWE21.The cars of this series were different from the previous ones. More focus is put on the interior designing of the car. It releases three models of the car and they were named as 316,318 and 320.Each of these models has different features with different body styles. This generation remains in the market up to the year 1983.

In the same year BMW Company releases another generation BMW E30.New features were added to the previous cars like full electronic package, black roof liner and various other feature. It remains up to 1991.

BMW E36 was also released in the year 1991 and it was up to 2000.Every unique feature was added in this car so that more number of users can be attracted towards it. In the year 1998, BMW releases it’s another generation BMW E46.The headlights were redesigned and various other features were also added. The cylinder of the engine was also improved to some extent. This generation remains up to the year 2005.

BMW, E90 the fifth generation of 3 series was released in the year 2005. Presently the cars of this series are in the market. The cars of this series were reengineered. Various changes were made in this series that include change in the engine, suspension technology and various others. The cars of this series had undergone many changes.

Initially in the year 2005, BMW E91 was released and the cars of this model were mainly used for sports purposes. In the year 2007, BMW E92 and BMW E93 were developed and they are use presently alos.Various features like comfort access, HID xenon are added. More number of customers is attracted towards this car. The cars of this model were mainly demanded in Britain and it was estimated that approximately 58,000 cars were sold only in the Britain country.

The 2007 BMW 3 series releases 335i, 328i and 328xi models in the market. The horsepower of these engines were different. The 335i model came up with six cylinder engine with a horsepower of about 330.The 328i has the horsepower 230.the 335 I model was made with more features. These features include adaptive headlights, Standard cornering light and various other features were added to attract the users.

The dark walnut wood is used to design the interior of the car. The customers were very much certified with the models of this series. If the customer review is taken into consideration they give four stars out of five to this car. They are very much happy with the joy of driving with this car. The quality of each and every part is excellent. The demand of this car is increasing day by day and is expected to do so in future also.
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