Mercedes c300

The Mercedes c class is car which was produced by the Mercedes Benz and came in the market in 1993.The C in this class signifies compact hence the cars of this class are compact executive cars. The C-class cars undergone with three generations and these are W202 C-class, W203 C-class and W-204 C-class.

The first generation W202 came in the market in 1993.The cars of this generation came up with different body styles. The cars had a smoother and rounder design. The four cylinder engine was used in these cars. The models of the c class that were introduced were C180, C200, C220.The cars of these entire model were famous for here efficient fuel consumption. This generation remains up to the year 2000.

In the same year the company launches another generation of the c class which was W203.The v6 gasoline engines were used in these cars. The engines differ in the amount of horsepower. More features were adde4d in the cars as compare to the previous generation. This generation remains in the market up to 2007.In the 2007 the company launches another generation of the C class W204.

The development of this generation involves the use of “Digital Protype”.which was industry first prototype. This generation releases the C300 model of the C class cars. This model was launched in the year 2008.Intially this model was sale in the Europe but due to its more demand the company sold it in another countries also. The c300 was made from the advance technology. The usable cable technology interface was used in this car. The engine of the car has four cylinder with the capacity was 3.0 liter. The engine used in this car is reliable as well as fuel efficient. The total horsepower produce by the engine is 228hp.The car is provided with the four wheel antilock breaking system also. Electronic brake force distribution is also provided in the car.

The cars of the C300 model have AMG body kit and sport kit standard. To provide safety in the car various new features were added. For the entertainment the car is provided with the music player with the best quality voice. The navigation system is also provided in the car to know the directions. The car is also provided with the Bluetooth.

The safety features provided with this car are also of advance technology. The airbags are provided at the front and the rear end. The car is also provided with the emergency sensors which protect it from any theft. The exterior and the interior designing of the car is also very excellent. According to the user review they are very much satisfied with the car. The car is efficient, economical and reliable.
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