Mercedes benz ml350

The Mercedes Benz M-class was introduced in the year 1997 and was the first mid size support utility vehicle. The M-class was produced in Germany in the year1997. Initially the M-class car was sold in United States but due to the huge demand in other countries the cars were sold in various other countries also.

The M-series car undergone with two generations which are W163 and W164.The W163 was produced in the year 1997.the car is midsized car with a total capacity up to 5 or 7 depending upon the seat. The cars of this generation were provided with the system which can detect any loss made to the car. Various safety features were provided in the car. The airbags were provided at the front as well at the rear end. The cars of this generation remains in the market till 2005.

In the 2005,the company introduces another generation of the M-class which was named as W164.The cars of this series were entirely new with the new and innovative features provided in it. The size of the cars of this series was larger than that of the previous model. These cars were very famous among the people. Lots of people purchase that car and in the year the average sale of W164 was maximum.

In the year 2006, these cars also won the “Best New Sports Utility Vehicle “award. The models of the car that were released by this series were ML350, ML500, ML63, ML300 CDI, and ML350 CDI AND ML450 CDI.

The Ml350 model came in the market in the year 2006.These cars were provided with the new and innovative features. The engine of the car is very powerful and fuel efficient.ML350 uses a V6 engine with a total capacity of 3.5 liter and it produces a total power of 272HP.New feature such as seven speeds automatic transmission is provided in the car.

The style of the car is very much unique. The shape of the car is made wide. The capacity of the car is also very good. The ML350 body structures resembles like a truck body. The safety features in the car are also of advance technology. The airbags are provided in the car at the rear and front end. Electronic safety assistance is also provided in the car for the safety. The cars of this model came in different shapes and with different body styles. The different colors of the car are also very good and attracted the customer to purchase it. The interior design of the car is also very excellent. The car is provided with the wood and aluminum accentuate at the dashboard. The price of the car is also very reasonable. The base price of the car is 39,750$.Due to all these features in a reasonable rice the demand of the car is increasing day by day.
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