Mercedes E320

The e class of Mercedes was produced by the Mercedes Benz in the year 1950.The cars of this class were designed to have different body and engine configuration as compare to the previous model of the car. The size and durability of this class is the main reason for its success in different countries. The cars of this class were used as taxi in the countries. The e-class name was first come in the USA.The cars of this class were W124.

The E320 car name was the first model name for thee-series cars. The name was derived from 300E.Thje cars of E320 model were provided with many features. The engine of the car was fuel efficient with 6 to 8 cylinders in it. The engine used in the cars of this model was V8.The Company offers different body configuration which include saloon/sedan, coupe and various others. The cars of this model are the most luxurious car. The main features that are in these cars are:- Engine:-The car has V6 internal combustion engine. The engine has six cylinders which are arrange in the V shape. The maximum power in terms of horsepower is 210 and it produces a highest torque of 400 ft at 166 revolutions per second.

Safety:-To provide safety in the car various advance technology features were added by the company. The antilocking braking system. The different functions are performed by the brakes which are controlling of the stability, brake assist and various others. The disc brakes are used in all the brakes. Dimensions:-The car has a turning radius of about 37.4 feet .The height of the car is also very good. The length is not so large and not so small.

Entertainment:-For the entertainment of the customers the car is provide with the latest technology DVD player. The navigation system is also provided in the car to help the customer to know the direction Design:-The external and the internal design of the car are very good. Advance technology headlights have been used at the front and the rear side. The car came in different body colors with different styles. The internal designing of the car is also made very luxurious. The seating capacity of the car is also very good.

Other Features:-The other features like cigar lighter, protection against any theft are also provided in the car. The car is also provided with a cup holder.

Due to all these features the customers are very much attracted towards these cars.Major roles is played by these cars to increase the average sale of the company. Due to all these factors the company is releasing different models of E320.The latest model will be soon released in 2012.
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